Delving into the world of Bullet Journals.

I’m rather fond of stationary and I love planners so having read a fair bit about bullet journals recently.

I have got myself a pocket notebook – A Leuchtterm1917 pocket note book in black like this one

These are lovely note books, they already have index pages at the front and all the pages are numbered, the paper is really nice quality too.

I did a fair bit of research on layouts before putting pen to paper and I found these sites to have some great tips and layouts to help get started:

So far I have laid out my key, a selection of lists to fill over time (projects to try, books to read etc), pages of monthly layouts, and a section for daily tasks.

As I am a notorious list maker, this seems like a great way to organise everything in one little notebook and I am excited to see how it all grows!

Kerry 📕🖊

Happy Mail

I’m totally loving all things planner, quirky and stationary at the moment, and as I had recently bought myself a second planner, I naturally NEEDED some pretty things to fill it with!

My favourite place to buy my planner supplies is Little Noah’s Ark on Etsy, this shop stocks some super cute stationary and she hand makes beautiful custom dividers to match your planner colour scheme.

So my latest purchase arrived today and when I opened up the outer envelope I was greeted with this package of loveliness……


Inside there are two individually wrapped packages, one containing my custom dividers and the other packed full of cute stationary.

Here are the dividers opened up, I absolutely love the colours, you can’t really see on the picture but they are made with beautiful papers, Including some lovely and glittery paper! I can’t wait to get them set up in my planner.


The second package was full of cupcake washi tape, cute stickers, sheepy page markers, a cute pen, cat post it notes and funky paperclips – A great selection of goodies 😍


This is now my 4th order from Little Noah’s Ark and its safe to say I’m super impressed with every order I receive!

Kerry x



Planner collection

I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my 3 current planners with you… 


From left to right I have..

Alice Temperley for Filofax Ikat compact in pink, I use this one for tracking orders in my etsy shop

Webster’s pages colour crush planner in sky blue, this is my newbie and will be used to track my crafty projects and craft supplies.

Filofax Finsbury in raspberry, this is my everyday planner, I carry this one everywhere and it holds all the info I need to know what I need to do each day

I will show you the setups of each of the planners in another post. 

Kerry x

New Planner Love!

Well hello there,

Welcome to my blog and my first post.

To get me started i’d like to share the new planner I had delivered today, I’m becoming a bit of a planner addict at the moment and this is my third now (I already have 2 filofaxes!)

This particular planner will be set up as a craft tracker, I will be using the planner to keep tabs on current projects, supplies I am using and where I bought them from, notes and instructions on how to do things and possible future projects and inspiration.

Anyway, here it is, my new Webster’s pages colour crush planner in blue, its so pretty 🙂


I haven’t quite decided on how I will set it all up yet but once I have it set up I will share with you.

Kerry x