Delving into the world of Bullet Journals.

I’m rather fond of stationary and I love planners so having read a fair bit about bullet journals recently.

I have got myself a pocket notebook – A Leuchtterm1917 pocket note book in black like this one

These are lovely note books, they already have index pages at the front and all the pages are numbered, the paper is really nice quality too.

I did a fair bit of research on layouts before putting pen to paper and I found these sites to have some great tips and layouts to help get started:

So far I have laid out my key, a selection of lists to fill over time (projects to try, books to read etc), pages of monthly layouts, and a section for daily tasks.

As I am a notorious list maker, this seems like a great way to organise everything in one little notebook and I am excited to see how it all grows!

Kerry 📕🖊